Aleph Zero

How to Delegate to FirstBlock

  1. 1.) Navigate to the account staking page on the $AZERO wallet site
  2. 2.) For the account you want to change, select “set nominee” in the dropdown menu, or “nominate” if you haven’t yet made a selection. ✅

Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 7 07 47 PM

  1. 3.) Select the current validator under “nominated accounts” to move it back under “candidate accounts”. ✅
  2. 4.) From the “candidate accounts” list, select “firstblock” and then click “nominate”! ✅

Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 6 59 19 PM

That’s it! Thanks for choosing FirstBlock! 🚀

Our Validator

Leveraging our own experience and that of our partners, we are able to provide enterprise grade cloud infrastructure using architecture that allows us to automatically scale in heavy load environments, processes for real-time monitoring and automated deployment across diverse geographies.

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Your Delegation & Risks

Before delegating, please always understand the risks associated with doing so.