Code of Conduct

Everything we do at Finality Networks LLC is informed by our core values of Trust, Reliability and Security. The commitments we make within this code of conduct apply to everyone Finality Networks LLC, as well as all of our projects and ventures as validators and developers for the Cosmos ecosystem. All statements within this code of conduct have been personally approved by the operators of Finality Networks LLC. However, these commitments are not a legally binding contract and are subject to change.


Finality Networks LLC prides itself on offering a reliable network validator and other services for the Cosmos community. We have strategically built an infrastructure that is reliable even when facing regional outages or localized attacks. Should this model ever prove unreliable, we are committed to changing and adapting our system to resolve the issue.

Public Disclosures

Finality Networks LLC is committed to the transparency and accuracy of our operations and public communications.


Finality Networks LLC is committed to act with honesty and integrity while ensuring the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct.

Financial Transparency

Finality Networks LLC will maintain full financial and operational control at all times. No outside investors or strategic partners will own more than 15% ownership stake in Finality Networks LLC nor shall any owners or partners hold a vested interest in other Cosmos Validators.


Finality Networks LLC will create and offer services for the Cosmos ecosystem that are reliable and address needs from the community. With a team of dedicated people, you can rest assured that anything created by Finality Networks LLC is high-quality, safe to use, and reliable. In addition to creating tools that enhance the communities experience, we committ to release updates when necessary to ensure that our products remain reliable over time.


Finality Networks LLC is committed to always remain an active and responsible member of the Cosmos community. We commit to actively listening to the community, so that we can create actionable tasks to better serve them. When any member of the Finality Networks LLC team speaks to a member of the Cosmos community, they will be respectful, truthful and transparent, and will answer all questions to the best of their abilities.


Amendments to our Code of Conduct will be disclosed to the community’s and will be published to community members through all available communication channels.

Last update: August 31st, 2018